Story as a Service

The painless way to publish.

An amazing thing happens when you share your thoughts and ideas with the world: People begin to see you as a leader and authority. You start to get requests for quotes, interviews and guest appearances. People want to follow you and join your mission. If only writing wasn’t so hard!

You talk, we write.

With our proven Story as a Service (SaaS) method, you can easily create journalist-quality articles for your blog, LinkedIn and/or Medium page and for your PR firm to shop to business and industry publications–in under an hour.

We get to know you–your backstory, your expertise, what you’re passionate about–and find where they intersect with industry conversations in order to shape your story prompts.

Then we work together in a collaborative process that makes story development fun. No need to find quiet time to do research and gather your thoughts; to face the terror of the blank page, or battle the temptation to self-censor. We make it as easy as having a cocktail party conversation.

When people read your byline, it will accurately reflect your point of view, and your voice will be clearly recognizable.

Here’s how it works: