Individual Coaching

Discover your way forward

Throughout my years of coaching, I’ve seen clients make amazing breakthroughs when they see that the “core” stories they tell themselves just aren’t true. Stories about not enough time, not enough budget, not enough support or — more often than not — some version of “I’m not enough.” Everyone has limited thinking; it’s part of being human but it doesn’t have to shape our lives.

Together, we’ll explore — and disprove — the internal stories that are holding you back. Once these narratives are cast aside, you’ll experience a seismic shift in how you approach life, experiencing a worldview that is hopeful, exciting, and filled with possibilities. Moreover, this change isn’t limited to the professional; our work will have a positive halo effect in your personal life as well.

In individual coaching, we work together in a relaxed, safe and confidential way so uncovering misunderstandings about how you see the world and yourself not only is easy but integrating new perspectives and approaches is practical and doable. Our work is not about discomfort and driving yourself beyond your limits; its about seeing how life works on our behalf and then designing what you desire.

Building a coaching relationship

First we’ll get a lay of the land – talking about you, your desires and goals, and your concerns and challenges. Coaching is a conversational exchange, where we’re in it together, accessing your own wisdom and insights to gain a greater understanding of what makes sense for you. We’ll build a strong collaborative partnership unlike no other relationship you’ve experienced.

If you live in the Chicagoland area, we can meet in person. I also work with clients around the world, and we have great success meeting by phone or video conference. Clients also can access me in between sessions via email and additional spot coaching when needed.